Multi Art Gallery represents contemporary artists from all nationalities, each representative of a strong current in their own artistic discipline. 


Wendy Lauwers, director and founder of the online gallery wanted to rethink the concept of the traditional art gallery by adapting it to today's expectations by opening this virtual gallery to support the events that the sign organizes punctually in exceptional places.


Multi Art Gallery is an online contemporary art gallery that offers its artists and collectors the same services as a traditional gallery.


Sensitive to art and always trained in public relations, I want to offer my experience
as a communicator to artists to publicize their work, both in the Principality of
Monaco and abroad.


Because of my personal background, which first brought me to foreign languages, through interpreting studies, then a course in psychology, the human in its complexity and diversity interests me immeasurably. In fact, it became clear to me that art is a major societal vector and a particularly promising medium in
the exchange of ideas.


Thus, I wanted to create a platform for the development of artistic projects, through
Multi Arts Events that allows me to organize events in all areas and especially those that interest the world of art.