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photography d'un port en noir et blanc

Baptiste Cuvelier is a Belgium artist who suspends moments of life on his silver films which follow him during his enriching journeys. The taste for adventure takes him to the Nordic countries where he finds warm and soft lights that contrast with the cold and harsh life that reign there. It captures scenes from life from elsewhere that cultivate the imagination of the person viewing the work, leaving room for its memories and emotions. Thanks to the film process, the photographer manages to have a unique and inimitable grain that gives his art prints the impression that time has stood still in another era. To create something unique, the works are printed in a single copy that has the original negative of the fine art print as well as its certificate of authenticity.


  • Jour de Pêche
    Unique piece 1/1

    Argentic, paper print on dibond with frame in American box
    100 x 150 cm

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