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Love for BBH is a chimera that makes the spirit of Freedom and security thirsty. Art for BBH is the extension of nature, made of revolutions and figures. BBH was born in 1968, HABITUS HAFNIUM, thanks to a nurturing artist and his grandfather’s paint box. Chopper of news, of their interpretations, BBH, of his humble selection applied to the tensions of the absurd of time, he cuts with the edge of his scissors, copying and pasting his faults of all evils, of alchemy in harmony, from failure to the softness of his brush, and transforms what is ugly, Brutal into Beauty, strong in his heritage of an eternal box of paint. BBH is inspired by courage and primary humor and at the task rides and thus freezes his ego.



  • Série Bonheur

    Acrylic on canvas

    30 x 40 cm

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