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Carl Jaunay, reanimator of objects is a listed artist. He values metal, wood, glass and bronze

materials and their history for a proposal of atypical and unique pieces of exceptions. Atypical creations that remain and last, from complex lines to the purest lines, from rough surfaces to soft finishes... Dense emotions rise and push you to caress these works whose past has magnified, the imprint of time for a story to share...

Carl Jaunay is a visual artist who has been sharing his artistic approach with the public for several years. In his latest positive approach, he has created the Modji Family: hybrid and iconic characters that radiate joy and good humor. With their body fusion and humorous approach, the Modjis evoke a sweet nostalgia, provoking a return to those precious moments when innocence reigned supreme.

Today, the artist invites you to discover the enchanted pop-art universe of the Modji family. Filled with tenderness and playful shapes, the Modji Family will transport young and old alike into a whirlwind of memories and emotions, awakening smiles and rekindling buried dreams.

Whether you're a viewer or a collector, you'll be touched by this visual symphony where tenderness and lightness blend harmoniously. With the Modji Family, art becomes a passport to an unforgettable, magical journey of wonder and happiness. By adopting one of the Modji Family's marvelous, unique creations, you'll be treating yourself to timeless moments of pure happiness, with an immediate embarkation to rediscover your childlike soul.


  • Moment Suspendu & Relaxation
    Unique piece
    Bronze recycled using the lost wax technique
    H 40 x W 35 x D 10 cm. 10kg

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