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Carole PAVIO

Carole Pavio’s approach offers a global vision of artistic creation. Alternately draftsman, painter,

sculptor, designer, stylist and genius handyman, she offers us a range of know-how that she puts at the

service of art lovers. Influenced by Mondrian, she however seeks a synthesis between the straight line

and the curve in a form of “geometric Pop”. Her training in art therapy and her sense of otherness lead

her to produce pieces in deep connivance with the emotions and identity of those who acquire them.

Her strength therefore lies in infusing art into our daily lives! Her “artistic factory” is a real small business at the service of collectors, individuals, and professionals. Her desire for a wide dissemination

of art enables her to establish a real signature through production processes intended for the largest

number. An open philosophy that ultimately postulates: art is life!

Carole PAVIO

  • La Vie en Rose

    Wood, resin and pigments

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