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Christian LAURENT

Born in Brussels in 1964, Christian has been drawn to beautiful images since his earliest childhood. For more than 10 years, he has combined his activities in the production of animal paintings and art photographs, taking as a common challenge to bring out the emotions in the viewer... Quite a program! An informed, sagacious, and discreet photographer, this Belgian engineer uses his Reflex at every opportunity during his travels to the four corners of the world. His key word is 'emotion' both in the emotions he experiences and captures in the field and in the emotions, he offers us during his many exhibitions.

With his latest collection 'Colours of Wildlife', Christian is also moving from black and white photography to more colorful and artistic photos. These once again highlight the animals to share with us another look, new emotions, unique and always authentic. The artist is increasingly present in national and international private collections, he has exhibited both in Europe and in the United States.

Christian LAURENT

  • Wild Faces (2020)
    Diptych photo

    120 x 120 cm in two parts

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