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Emmanuel OGER

Emmanuel Oger is a self-taught man, driven by his humanist convictions and his search for meaning. Initially an entrepreneur, he put his benevolence and high standards at the service of others, in event communication. Then, he took the plunge into creation to give free rein to the Authenticity that he sees as the most courageous of freedoms.

Emmanuel Oger then gave life to “Gallus”, with the deep desire to question this France and this world of the 21st century. One of the foundations of his creative research is to transcend the classic codes and customs of French know-how by combining techniques and materials that are, at first glance, quite different.

Combining porcelain with carriage paint, symbolizing modernity born of tradition, Emmanuel Oger freely projects his artistic inspirations onto this new white canvas with more than evocative curves...

Emmanuel OGER

  • Meet Super Star Gallus

    Porcelain, 9 glazes, glittery gold

    Unique piece

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