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How did you come to take up painting?

As seeker after emotions, I have experienced the word, then the gesture of the mime; I wanted to transpose the same emotion on the canvas.


How do you work?

According to the emotional scale within which I decide to work through letting go I try to reach emotional purity, just like the ultimate sound of a violin string.


Painting and emotion?

I’m dedicated to emotion like priesthood. The emotion is pure, ultimate, and vibrant and enables you to approach some truth, it projects you beyond yourself.


What do colours mean for you?

Colours have a vibratory impact on each of us and allow us to reset our energies. Imagine life as a system made up of multiple and infinite vibrations among which human beings act as transmitters, receptors of vibrations.


  • Paradise (2022)
    Mixed media
    73 x 113 cm

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