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Born in Nice in 1956, Jean-Louis Landraud is a self-taught sculptor. His bronzes have a figurative base, but he is playing on bodies’ fractions, on spaces, bringing up a real lightness contrasting with material. From the human body’s beauty, Jean-Louis Landraud has drawn his first source of inspiration.


In 2007, another source of inspiration turned up: “A health issue in 2007 affected my ability to dream. I believed it was turned off. A few months slipped by that way… Then came the time of cherries. A few cherries lay down on my workshop table, to look at: its simplicity and purity suddenly filled me up with emotion, it’s color “red” so warm, calling up blood… slowly, very slowly.


And thanks to cherries, Dream reinvests my life. This is why I choose cherries to become ‘my’ symbol of life; I make it today my second signature.”


  • La Paix (2015)
    Bronze original
    H 55 cm

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