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An explorer of the arts, Jo Lorente is a visual artist by training and a multidisciplinary artist. Pedagogue, animator, she won the Courbet prize which rewards a work for its social dimension. She was invited to exhibit at the Brussels City Hall for the first Parcours d’Artiste. A permanent exhibition is held at Studio Ceramuze.


She has dedicated herself exclusively to her art since 2017 and exhibits in Belgium, France, Spain and Germany. She travels in an eclectic and abundant universe both musical and pictorial, for the pleasure of the senses.


She has developed an original pictorial technique, based on beeswax, which she uses on different supports. Free expression, automatic graphics and collages of sheets of wax mingle in his works to prolong moments of happiness.



  • Féérie sur le Lac
    Mixed technique on fabric stretched on a frame
    120 x 60 cm

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