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Marie Maitre

Marie Maitre is a 37-year-old self-taught artist. She makes sculptures mainly with paperclips. As she had to occupy her hands at all costs, the paperclips became an essential drug for her reason for living. Having no more room to create her sculptures, she has since turned her attention to photography. As a mode of expression, she takes her photos using her body with a delicate sensuality. She takes the photos herself and makes them livelier by integrating accessories and images. She is the author of two books: an autobiographical novel entitled "Francesca, from pain to flight" published in 2021, completed at the end of 2022 by a beautiful book consisting of some of her photos illustrated with own texts and which completes the previous one: “Beyond the wall of darkness, the return of Franscesca”.

Marie Maitre

  • Le Nid (2021)

    30 x 40 cm

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