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At a very young age, in the garage of his family home, he learned to use his tools from his father, who was a professional welder. Still passionate about steel and fire today, he fulfils his dream by making them come true. After leaving Belgium to settle in Monaco, he spent more than 33 years in business before finally deciding to make his dream come true, to sculpt!


“My father has worked most of his life in welding. When I was little, I spent my weekends with him in our garage, I watched him work, weld… I was fascinated, as far as I can remember, I always wanted to help him and learn to work like him ... And then, when I started to fuse the steel, to see that it welded, that it held well, it was magical, I loved it.“


“And as soon as I had some free time, I started working. I love stainless steel and I always wanted to make things with steel, because it is a solid material that does not rust. Fire, I cannot help myself ... My father is of Sardinian origin, in Sardinia the whole family always gathers around a big fire. I decided to create sculptures that can live through fire... The light… the light on the steel, when it is brushed and worked, is reflecting likes micro-mirrors. For me, it is something that lives fully. All my sculptures are animated by fire, by light... I now hope that it will bring happiness and people will enjoy it.“


  • Geko
    Brushed stainless steel sculpture

    H 60 x L 60 cm

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