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Nathalie MN LA ROUGE

Painter and self-taught digital artist, Nathalie-MN, known as 'La Rouge', probably because of her passion for this flamboyant color, full of beautiful energy, lively and luminous, which inspires her so much. From her native Alsace, the artist has always felt this little grain of madness radiating from the bottom of her heart. Her sparkling temperament, her joie de vivre and her love of others are reflected in her works and characterize her colorful spirit and her sunny universe. She wants to exhibit her works around the world to invite the public to open the Door of our Heart. She likes to be present during her exhibitions so that everyone expresses themselves on the vibration they receive on the spiritual dimension of Art.

Nathalie MN LA ROUGE

  • Mon Coeur Enflammé
    "I place my flaming heart in your hands representing the passionate eloquence of love and desire"


    Mixed oil on canvas
    117 x 97 cm

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