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In touch with the artistic world of Nenad Petrović, the founder of the “MANEDA line”, we are overwhelmed by the impression that it was shaped by decades of journeying through a wide range of skills and deep contemplation of the meaning and significance of the materials that constitute both nature and human beings. Nenad Petrović is a dreamer of old times with the creativity of a modern mind.


He knows perfectly that tables are the heart of every home. Simple or opulent, decorated or not, they have the silent power to bring people together in the same story, for a single moment or for a lifetime. They captivate us with their deep, simple and all-pervading mystery, simultaneously bringing disquiet and filling us with peace, opening us for a wonderful feeling that we too are an inseparable part of the Mystery.

This is the nature of the artistic world of Nenad Petrović.


  • Maneda Chair (2020)
    Golden stainless steel, leather, oak wood

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