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It is the art of life, the simple ray of sunshine and the purity of the Mediterranean that inspire Nika in her creation. Czech artist, she arrived in Nice in 1998 and enrolled at the Nice School of Art. She collaborates with Nice artists such as Chaman, Jean Michel Gnidaz, Nicole Brousse, Jean Antoine Hierro.

In the workshops of Hierro Desville Collection, she learned the art of volumes alongside Stefan Sell as a

true alchemy of painting and a demanding discipline. Then, she deepened her knowledge and the magic of decor alongside Fabien Gauthier.

Based today in Beaulieu-sur-Mer, Nika continues her personal creations. Through new orders, she became a mosaicist of panoramic frescoes in marble or earthenware.


She teaches drawing to young artists in the Petits Lou-loups workshops. Nika’s paintings are a collection of happiness and poetry in life.


  • Les Racines d’Amour I (2020)

    Patinated gold leaf mixed technique

    140 x 100 cm

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