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Patrick MOLES

His world is linked to spirituality, this state of being that allows us to understand ourselves, to convey emotions, to live with them. His translation in these paintings is a logical continuation of his humanist journey. These pictorial realizations are a part of him, spiritual and joyful. His universe is the Spiritual Color World.


His work consists in exploring our time through mixtures of colors in instantaneous, Patrick Moles appreciates and knows the symbolism of colors, he uses blue a lot for its harmony and calm, gold for excellence, red for energy, black for its absence of light and for the mystery maintained. He likes Kandinsky very much and this quote “The more a man is spiritually evolved, the more his soul is accessible. Only the artist who knows the power of colors can directly reach the soul of the viewer.”


Patrick MOLES

  • Réseau Bleu (2020)

    Acrylic and oil on plexiglass

    50 x 50 cm

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