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Self-taught painter for 15 years, Rouge William, refines his work on a personal painting. His luminous red is his trademark that he declines with ardour on all his canvases, daring to mix different materials such as bronze or copper for example. Under the nervous impulse of the spatula, the movements of materials catch the light in a leaping relief. From materials which are sometimes not miscible with each other, he thus creates an originality of dazzling transparency with bronze, copper, and lead pastes.


The colours harmonise like enamels and radiate their dominance on the whiteness of the canvas. In his great stylistic vivacity, the artist dispenses his ardour to stage creations full of movement and strength, and whose main subjects remain the rails of a creativity that winds around iconographies repeated here and there on the canvas.


This instinctive gesture concentrates most of his plastic identity and sums up the interest of his Art! A clash of different components, a strong and luminous colour. In short, a unique and emotional result.



  • Nu Ibérique (2023)

    Rouge William Technique
    80 x 80 cm

    Price: 3800 euros

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