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Stephan Janssens lives and works in Waasmunster, in the heart of Waasland in Belgium. He followed his schooling in the art high school in Sint-Niklaas. His paintings have been exhibited at various exhibitions in Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Luxembourg, Paris, Basel, Miami, New York, Knokke, Zurich, Monte Carlo.

In addition to his contemporary painting creations where he plays with shadow and light, he has made various designs for light fixtures due to his interest in light and technology. His passion for light and science led him to experiment with different techniques. In this way, gradually, from this craft, his semi-scientific creations arose, with themes such as the lightrobots, the light factory, the Anatomis series...


  • Time Warp Phase Purple Orange (2022)
    Mixed media
    120 x 80 x 3 cm

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