Jérémy Le Mouel alias Mooven’s was born in Pontivy, Brittany in 1984. A baker by training, art has always been the driving force behind his actions. Young, he began to draw to escape the daily routine. During his schooling, he founded a group of five “Street Art” painters under the name Mooven’s. When one of them died, the group disbanded, and Jeremy continued to draw on his own using more conventional methods.


Since arriving on the French Riviera, he began to perform shadow-based works. His work is to enter an image, idea or other in his head and look for any useful features and shadows by reinventing shades on canvas with acrylic paint (Posca). He always starts from a white canvas in cotton, linen, figueras among others soft or on frame. He always draws and paints flat.


He creates features and shadows in his ,head and then traces them on the canvas by adding shades that do not exist to make a particularity to his works. All his works are unique!

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