Baptiste Cuvelier is a Belgium artist who suspends moments of life on his silver films which follow him during his enriching journeys. The taste for adventure takes him to the Nordic countries where he finds warm and soft lights that contrast with the cold and harsh life that reign there. It captures scenes from life from elsewhere that cultivate the imagination of the person viewing the work, leaving room for its memories and emotions.


Thanks to the film process, the photographer manages to have a unique and inimitable grain that gives his art prints the impression that time has stood still in another era. In order to create something unique, the works are printed in a single copy that has the original negative of the fine art print as well as its certificate of authenticity.

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The artistic route taken by Patrick Deguine is not straight. It is sinuous and at 62 years old, his path of photos and images has been built step by step always but always with passion.


Patrick immortalises the moment whether at private events or at national and international public events.

“Photography is my passion: I love beautiful things, nature, animals, landscapes, Art and artists, exhibitions, parties ... Above all, I love people and I take great pleasure in immortalising all events, from the simplest to the most prestigious!”

He also passionately loves the ocean with its fabulous universe of rigging, sails and men that he sets on film with his
sharp eye.

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Elisabeth Laplante is an artist who participated in 12 solo exhibitions and 24 national and international group exhibitions. She creates abstract paintings and is also passionate about art photography.


“With my training as an architect, I combine form and function. My career began with the practice of surrealism, and my work has evolved resolutely towards abstraction, where freedom, another definition for me of art, has the field open and responds to my expectation of pushing back the limits, and always renewing my practice. For some time now, I have been expressing myself professionally through photography where abstraction constitutes the backbone of this work, just like the colours and the harmony which are just as essential.”

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Born in Brussels in 1964, Christian has been drawn to beautiful images since his earliest childhood. For more than 10 years, he has combined his activities in the production of animal paintings and fine art photographs, taking as a common challenge to bring out the emotions towards the viewer ... Quite a program!


A knowledgeable, sagacious and discreet photographer, this Belgian engineer uses his Reflex at every opportunity during his trips to the four corners of the world. His watchword is 'emotion' both in the emotions he experiences and captures in the field and in the emotions he offers us during his numerous exhibitions.


With his latest collection 'Colors of Wildlife', Christian is also moving from black and white photos to more colorful and artistic photos. These once again highlight the animals to share with us a different perspective, new emotions, unique and always authentic. The artist is increasingly present in both national and international private collections, he has exhibited both in Europe and in the United States.

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Through his photographs, Laurent Leoncini (photographer / writer) attempts to transcribe the artistic ambivalence of our time.


Between modernity and classicism, it sublimates the city of Paris.Globe-trotting, he travels the world with his device both in deep nature and in bubbling cities to extract its marvellous.

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Mac Maris is a collective made up of photographer Cristina Maris and of composer Massimo Curti. Cristina takes photos of everyday objects and manipulates them so that the subject loses some of its visual characteristics to embrace others, given not only by the new surreal qualities of the image, but also by the music composed by Massimo . The symphony is inspired by the photographic object as much as photography aims to represent music.

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Coming from one of the oldest Monegasque families, Calypso de Sigaldi is also the descendant of a line of artists versed in the contemporaneity of expression.


Since then, she has expressed her view on society, through series and exhibitions (galleries & museums) where her experience in the fashion world remains palpable.

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In his early years, Michael from Yugoslavia also learned to watch. Long walks in the Palace of Versailles with his mother. The classic elegance of perspectives and volumes ...


“Since we were not wealthy, rather than buying, my mother often changed the place of the furniture. Volumes and prospects were constantly evolving… ”.


From his mother, Michel from Yugoslavia comes from such an illustrious family: Umberto II, his maternal grandfather, was the last king of Italy; he reigned 35 days in 1946. Also exiled, he lived in Portugal while his wife Marie Josée went to Switzerland in Gy, near Geneva.

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Natalia is an Artist Photographer-Painter based in Paris. Trained at the Russian School of Fine Arts, her country of origin, her photographic work shows that she retains a strong attachment to the pictorial style. Through her photographic works, from the Surrealist and Symbolic worlds, Natalia makes us rediscover the artistic movement of painting. She takes us on a wonderful journey from watercolor to engravings without forgetting the flamboyant Pop Art. His series of flowers projects us into the play of light by Flemish painters. We get lost in its abstract landscapes from a fantastic universe seen from the sky.

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