Carole Pavio's approach offers a global vision of artistic creation. In turn: designer, painter, sculptor, stylist and handyman of genius, she offers us a range of skills that she puts at the service of art lovers. Influenced by Mondrian, she nevertheless seeks a synthesis between the straight line and the curve in a form of "Geometric Pop".


An open philosophy that postulates that ultimately: Art is life!



Lina Maalouf Husseini (Beirut, Lebanon). Attracted by contemporary art, she approaches sculpture as a self-taught artist.


She creates papier-mâché sculptures and then explores others materials such as metal, wood, salvage elements and multiple supports. His colourful works relay a critical message with humour.



Laurence Jenkell, self-taught contemporary French artist, She has been creating sculptures since the 1990s.


Jenkell is known for her vibrantly coloured candy wrappers. She sculpts larger than life candy, in bright colours and in various sizes, from materials such as bronze, Plexiglas, aluminium and marble. More than a medium, the candy interpreted by Laurence Jenkell has become a language. His works are part of a reflection and a cultural process.



Olivier Bertrand was born in 1975 in Marseille, to a French father and an Asian mother. Very early on, he became passionate about drawing, the plastic arts, and more particularly origami.


After studying economics and a career in web design, he returns to his first love and assembles today pieces of cardboard to make spooky life-size animals.



Yapa was Born in 1964 in Kandy, a legendary city on the island of Ceylon, where he spent the first 20 years of his life. In Munich, in 1986, he attended a private painting conservatory. Since 1987, he has lived in Antibes where he studied the Plastic Arts of drawing, painting with technical study and composition. As well as the work of contemporary traditional techniques of engraving.


International Grand Prize for Painting of the French Riviera as well as many other awards in the field of international art. Member of the AIAP Unesco Monaco association.



Arnaud Kasper was born in Paris in 1962. He is a sculptor and painter. Arnaud is French renowned sculptor for his equestrian achievements and his anthropomorphic work which place him at the level of the best world sculptors.


In 1995, he invented the concept of the fish man, who places humans in the heart of nature. He made monumental art his specialty. He also practices acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolour and gouache.



After years spent in the fashion world, Valerie Durand is now devoting herself to her own creations and her knife technique through these film scenes has enabled her to obtain a notoriety that is only growing with the celebrities who support.



Nenad PETROVIC, civil engineer, and his son architect Marko PETROVIC, established, in 2017, a line of luxury objects and art, named "MANEDA line" within their company SINERCO doo, founded in 2002. "MANEDA line" is the result of a broad field of skills, many years of reflection on the natural beauty of stone, metal and wood and manufacturing experience for the projects of Lalique, Wilmotte & Associates, royal family of Saudi Arabia, the City of Paris, the residence of the President of Russia...



Jean-Luc Celereau de Clercq has been known as an Architect Engineer for 30 years. Winner of the Golden Signs of Architecture, Janus of Commerce from the French Institute of Design, Oscar of Marketing Innovation, he also expresses his artistic talent through Painting and Sculpture. Its creative force is this alchemy, generated by the resonance of light with matter. Outside of any movement, he expresses himself according to new technologies by combining research, spontaneity and curiosity. In painting, he mixes innovation with the use of his graphic palette and tradition with the precision of his line. In sculpture he represents the beauty of his living models through his thought.